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90L Galvanised Dustbins

£51.00  (INCL. VAT)

90 litre galvanised dustbins with either a rubber or galvanised lid

Height 575mm
Diameter top 450mm
Diameter bottom 400mm

Galvanised metal lid version is great for storing animal feed, safe from rats and mice


The home to such celebrities as Top Cat and Oscar the Grouch, most people are familiar with galvanised dustbins. They are what most people used to have outside their homes before the unstoppable rise of the wheelie bin . Both of the options available are the standard 90 litre, but there is the choice between a rubber or galvanised lid. The main advantage to rubber lids being that they are much quieter to use.

These bins have become increasingly popular as a great way to store animal feed, safe from rats and mice. Their budget price mean they now proudly grace garages and sheds across the country filled with chicken feed or rabbit mix

Known in America as trash cans, a metal bin will not melt when hot ash is placed inside it. Even on the UK mainland, where we call them ‘bins’ they are still useful to throw trash into. They offer storage that will not easily be accessed by pests or pets.

The process of galvanising means that steel is coated with a protective layer of zinc. This coating means that items are less likely to rust and so can be used outside. So these steel bins are just as durable as plastics ones, but have a more traditional look.

Metal dustbins are popular with gardeners, as a waste container for weeds. Also as a safe storage area for garden products such as slug pellets or compost. As these are galvanized dustbins, you can expect many years of use from them.

Versions with a heavy rubber lid will be quieter, as you will not hear the metal on metal noise when placing the lid. This is useful if you live in an urban area and plan to use the bins late at night.

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