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Adjustable Stands For Probe Zenbox Aluminium Lockers

£51.30  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Locker support stands raise lockers 150mm off the floor
Stands help to reduce impact damage and making cleaning easier
Manufactured from 25mm square aluminium section
Ideal for wet environments
Adjustable feet for sloping floors
Includes front plinth
Plinths are manufactured using 10mm solid grade laminate
Colours available to match or contrast with your locker doors


Keep your Zenbox lockers off the floor by sitting them on a plinth

Raise your Probe Zenbox lockers off the floor with these stands which come along with a smart front plinth. Save your lockers from the damages associated with sitting on the floor, such as water damage or getting kicked. If you have a slightly sloping floor, the feet are adjustable to compensate. Differing effects can be achieved by choosing a plinth the same colour as your main lockers or a contrasting shade.

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