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Adjustable Wall Mounted Bicycle Rack

£26.58  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Compact and flexible design
Manufactured from zinc plated steel, with round tube wheel locators
Suitable for all bicycles with a tyre width of upto 50mm
Order 1 per bike to be stored
Wall fixing screws & plugs included for standard brick wall – these may not be suitable for all wall types (or fixing into cement joints between bricks)
Adjustable angle for different bike storage options
Zinc plated steel construction with quick and easy fitting
Perfect for schools, businesses and public places


Wall mounted brackets for bike wheels that can be adjusted up to 180° to enable you to angle the cycles out from the wall if you do not have enough space for them to stand straight out from the wall.

Provide safe and secure parking for bicycles with this wall mounted bicycle rack. Made from zinc plated steel, with round tube wheel locators, the racks provide a space saving solution, as they can be angled up to 180° if there is insufficient space for the cycles to be parked standing straight out from the wall. This also means that the wall that the brackets are mounted on does not have to be particularly long, as the parked bikes can be angled against the wall rather than sticking out straight. These racks provide a cost effective solution to bicycle parking and are perfect for use in schools, offices and any public place where a bicycle park is required.

The brackets are designed to be compact and flexible, yet strong and hard-wearing. Zinc plated steel provides the strength and also protects against rust. One bracket will store one bicycle with a tyre width up to and including 50mm.

It should be noted that the fixing screws and plugs supplied for fitting these bicycle brackets may not be suitable for all wall types or for fixing into the cement joints between bricks, as this may not provide a secure fitting.

A simple, good-looking and cost effective means of providing secure and flexible parking for bicycles.

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