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Charging Laptop Locker Trolleys

£846.77  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

These mobile charging lockers allow laptops and other electronic devices such as ipads / tablet devices and cameras to be moved freely around offices. As long as there is a mains power source these lockers permit charging anywhere
Each compartment is equipped with a 3 pin plug to allow devices to be charged using their own mains lead
Each compartment is ventilated to allow for heat dissipation and the whole unit is powered by a kettle lead
Compartment size (H x W x D): 100mm x 375mm x 465mm
Each trolley is 1200mm high with a light grey carcass
The narrow aisle trolleys are perfect for fitting between rows of desks while still allows each compartment to be easily accessed


Laptop & tablet charging locker trolleys in 3 different configurations, CE Approved

The use of mobile devices such as laptops and tablet computers is common practice not only in business, but also in places such as schools, hospitals and conference venues. Providing power to mobile devices can often become a problem due to theft. Laptop charging lockers provide a secure storage location for tablet computers, laptops, notebooks and other digital devices, while charging them.

The laptop charging locker trolley combines the safety of a laptop charging locker with the convenience and mobility of a trolley. Fully charged computers can be moved between classrooms, offices, conference rooms or hospital departments. Each unit comes with its own kettle lead, so as long as there is a power source for the mobile locker, charging can continue anywhere. The narrow aisle trolleys are designed to fit perfectly between rows of desks while still allowing each compartment to be accessed without a problem.

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