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Durable 2 Piece No Waiting Cone

£21.75  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Industry standard triangular cone
No waiting logo sleeve applied to all three sides
Manufactured using flexible compound
Injection moulded from recycled pvc
Ideal for parking control on the road or at events


If you happen to run a business located along the road or pavement, you must have faced the nuisance of parked vehicles choking the access corridor, turning away customers – the No Waiting Cone is the easiest solution for managing such issues!

You can find the 2 Piece No Waiting Cone along the sides of busy roads too. Other businesses use it to maintain reserved parking spaces.

You can also spot the No Waiting Cone in places where parked vehicles can create an obstruction. Merely placing these cones on the desired spot warns halting motorists to keep away. The cones are often used at events where managing the parking can become very demanding.

This triangular cone complies with contemporary industry standards, displaying the “No Waiting” logo on all three sides for maximum visibility. The cone has a bevelled base for extra stability – particularly useful when placing the cone over uneven surfaces and stacking. The cone uses a flexible compound and the base is manufactured from 100% recycled material.

Sporting a bright yellow exterior, the No Waiting Cone measures at 500 mm tall and weighs just 3.8 kg with a rugged construction. This means long life even when used in harsh environments where abrasion, moisture and surface shocks are an everyday occurrence. Being lightweight, the cones are easy to carry, store and retrieve.

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