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Durable Heavy Duty Retractable Tape Barrier

£255.02  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Heavy duty 15 metre warning tape on auto retracting reel
Belts available in red & white or yellow & black
Casing made from high impact UV stabilised polypropylene
Tape manufactured from a strong durable woven textile
Wall mounted on pivoting bracket allows 151° of directional movement


Heavy-duty warning reel belt barrier
These warning tape reels are designed for industrial and commercial situations where a wide expanse needs to be cordoned off. The reels are mounted onto a wall or solid fixture and the tape can be pulled across and hooked to the opposite wall of fixture to restrict access.

The 15m tape is made from strong durable woven textile and has a metal ring for hooking. They are available in either red and white or yellow and black.

The casing is made from high impact UV stabilised polypropylene and incorporates a locking mechanism that allows the tape to be locked at any point along its length and automatically retract when not in use. The mounting bracket has 3 fixing points and allows the unit to pivot up to 151°.

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