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Factory Fitted Sloping Top For Probe Zenbox Aluminium Lockers

£103.73  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Factory fitted – must be ordered at the same time as the lockers
Designed for use with Probe Zenbox lockers
Use to prevent litter, bags and other items being left on top of lockers
Makes cleaning easier
Essential in hygiene sensitive applications such as NHS or food preparation areas


Created for use with Probe Zenbox lockers and factory fitted at the time of ordering, these are an essential addition to lockers for certain hygiene sensitive situations, and still very useful in many others. One of the facts of life is that people can’t resist a flat surface and feel almost compelled to place things on it. This sloping top makes that impossible and forces people into the use of the bin for their rubbish and to store bags properly.

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