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Folding Hinged Parking Posts 750 x 64mm Diameter

£27.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Control access to private roads
Reserve parking spaces
Secure forecourts
Polypropylene caps
Integral Locking Model
Fully galvanised hinged post
Integral cylinder lock
750 x 64mm diameter
Totally enclosed locking mechanism
Locks up by downward pressure to post top
Release by unlocking with the key
2 mounting holes, for 16mm bolts not included
Keyed alike option for multiple posts
Padlock Model
Fully galvanised hinged post
Locking bar protrudes through top cap
Fitting of padlock locks post upright
750 x 64mm diameter
Note padlock is not included
2 mounting holes, for 16mm bolts not included


Where vehicle access needs to be securely controlled, these folding hinged parking posts provide the ideal solution. They are perfect for controlling access to business site and designated parking spaces as well as a wide range of other potential uses. Made of fully galvanised steel designed to prevent rust; these posts are built to withstand all weathers and stand the test of time.

These posts come in two variants; integral locking and padlocked. They are both secured to the ground in exactly the same way, using two 16mm bolts to fasten them to any flat surface they are easy to fit and built to last. They are both 750 x 64mm in diameter and are fitted with polypropylene caps to protect the locking system. The hinged design makes them easy to operate; lying flat when unlocked to allow safe travel over them.

The integral locking model of these folding hinged posts features a totally enclosed locking mechanism designed to deliver you with the maximum level of security possible. They are easy to operate with a key-controlled release and a locking mechanism that operates by using downward force exerted on the post top to secure it into place.

Keyed alike option for multiple posts that can be use with the same key.

The padlocked model of these folding hinged posts has a locking bar which extends through the top cap of the post. When the padlock is fitted to this bar it fixes the post into an upright position and locks it into place. It is important to note that although this model requires a padlock, this is not supplied with the product and will need to be ordered separately.

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