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Pedestrian Areas or Removable Posts for Parking

£22.50  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Ideal for pedestrian precincts
Form a rigid barrier when positioned
Base socket grouts into concrete
Hinged cover closes flush with ground
Standard Model
Base socket 276mm into ground
Optional eyelets for chains (extra cost)
Padlock is not included
High Security Model
Specifically designed to combat car theft
Impact resistant socket and trap
Impact and hacksaw resistant hardened steel retaining pin
High security padlock with hardened bolt included


Excludes access to traffic free zones.

Designed to be secure but easy for the owner to remove; these removable posts provide a strong barrier against unwanted traffic and are ideal for pedestrian precincts and controlled parking areas. The base of the post is cemented into the ground giving them additional stability and security. When the post is not in use the socket is covered by a hinged cover which is flush to the ground – thereby preventing individuals from injuring themselves and allowing for the safe passage of vehicles over the space.

The base socket for both model of removable post sits 276mm into the ground, giving the posts a secure foundation when fixed in place. The security of each post is increased by their individually secured padlock design. This increases both the security and flexibility of posts through greater provision of control over the level of access to an area at any one time. Both models are secured through the use of a padlock – a hardened bolt padlock is included with the high security model. The standard model has the capacity to attach chains using the eyelets which are sold as an optional extra. The addition of a chain also helps prevent the travel of two wheeled transport including motorised and pedal bikes.

The high security model of these removable posts designed with the specific purpose of combating car theft. It is built with an impact resistant trap and socket. It is also built with a hardened steel retaining pin which increases resistance to impact and hacksaws.

There is also the option of adding a reflective strip to either model of removable post to increase visibility at night.

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