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Portable Crown Top Post Rope Barrier Kits

£117.48  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Smart and durable Crown Top polished stainless steel posts
Posts are 990mm high x 50mm diameter
Complete with 1.8m long luxury quality soft ropes in a selection of colors
The 355mm diameter weighted base on each post includes a full circumference floor protector
Weight of 9kg per barrier post, provides stability but means they’re easy to move into position


Crown top stainless steel rope barrier posts complete with 1.8m braided ropes
These crown top post rope barrier kits are ideal for use where you need to manage queues or restrict access to off-limit areas. They are easy and quick to set up and create a versatile, flexible, smart and professional barrier. The modular system allows you to easily add or remove posts and ropes to suit the number of people queuing or the area you need to restrict access to. The portable nature of these stainless steel posts and luxury ropes means you can even gather them up, pop in your vehicle and transport them to your next events or functions.

The combination of polished stainless steel crown top posts with a choice of four rope colours, maroon, blue, black or gold, means you’ll surely find a barrier rope to take your fancy. There are several cost-effective barrier kits to select from, each including various numbers of posts and ropes.

Please note: Individual parts of these kits cannot be exchanged.

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