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Racksack Waste Sacks 237L Capacity

£37.28  (INCL. VAT)

Printed with choice of designs to allow easy warehouse waste segregation
Simple fixing with 2 “S” hooks supplied per sack and trouble-free handling when full
Bespoke label designs also available at extra cost
Choose clear for added security and correct waste management
1000mm high x 940mm wide x 300mm deep
237L capacity
Additional “S” Hooks for eyelet hanging if required


Easy collection of warehouse waste
Everyone knows how important it is for a warehouse environment to be organised effectively. One of the main aspects of this, aside from clear labelling and the implementation of an efficient data stock management system, is to ensure that the area itself is kept tidy. A messy working environment is not only bad for efficiency, but can also potentially lead to physical dangers such as trips or slips.

Our Racksack Waste Sacks are the perfect way to keep your warehouse or stockroom nice and tidy, and the clean printed labels on the front make it easier to keep that working environment ‘green’ by encouraging the separation of genuine waste and that which can be recycled.

Manufactured using quality materials, the waste sacks are durable and offer great value for money. They are also easy to use, offering a simple two hoops fixing system designed to attach to almost any form of racking or shelving.

Typically, the bags measure 1000mm high and 940mm wide and if you need a bespoke label design these are available for an additional cost.

In terms of suitability, the waste sacks will fit perfectly into almost any environment where packing waste is constantly generated, whether it be a small shop stockroom or a large distribution centre. The flexible attachments mean that the sacks will grip onto a host of different shelving types, making them a genuinely versatile waste management tool.

Check out our warehouse recycling information booklet.

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