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Secure Probe Sixteen Door Lockers

£432.43  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Robust lockers with 16 compartments
Single, 2 or 3 nests
Probe lockers are 1780mm high
Sealed compartment with plinth
Air vents in all doors
3000 variant cam lock
5-Knuckle semi-concealed hinge
Each door fitted with strengthener and a vent system
Delivery of bulky or heavy items is usually by lone driver and may require special delivery arrangements, possibly mechanical. Please call for advice.
ActiveCoat® anti-bacterial technology, 99.9% reduction of E-Coli & MRSA Super Bug
Other sizes available with a range of doors: 1 2 3 4 5 6 8


Probe 16 door lockers, a robust and secure storage solution

Each locker unit is made up for 16 sealed compartments which are accessed by a through the door 3000 variant cam lock. Two sets of keys are provided for each door ensuring that while the contents are safe and kept private, they are also accessible if a key is lost or stolen. The locker doors are reinforced with an internal strengthening bar and combined with 5 knuckle hinges, the end result are extremely strong and sturdy doors.

The 16 door locker is available as a single unit or as a nest of two or three. You can also combine them with other lockers from the Probe range with varying number of doors to provide secure storage of varying sizes. The overall height of the locker is 17800mm, and each separate compartment is of equal size, perhaps suitable for storage of important documents.

The Probe 16 door locker includes an extra layer of protection in the form of ActiveCoat, a hardwearing anti-bacterial coating which inhibits the bacterial growth up to 99.9%.

The 16 door lockers are available in six standard colours, including red, blue, yellow, green, and silver ensuring your locker systems are not only practical and efficient but the end result looks good too.

Each locker is treated with Activecoat, which offers 99.9% reduction of e-coli and MRSA super bug. The hard wearing antibacterial powder coating ensures the most stringent hygienic environment is maintained.

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