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Secure Probe Two Door Lockers

£195.83  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Single, 2 or 3 nests
Vent system within each door
Top shelf in single lockers
Double coat hooks in singles and two tier
Probe lockers are 1780mm high
Sealed compartment with plinth
3000 variant cam lock
5-Knuckle semi-concealed hinge
Finished with Activecoat, a hard wearing antibacterial powder coating
Each door fitted with strengthener
Compartment height: 812mm Other sizes available:
Number of Doors: 2 3 4 5 6 8 16


Robustly constructed double door steel Probe lockers

When it comes to providing a safe and secure place for the belongings of workers, customers or visitors, you need to have confidence in the product you are buying. The Probe two door locker, with its through the door 3000 cam variant locking system, doors fitted with strengthener and ample storage space, offers security without compromising on space.

The Probe two door locker is constructed in a double door design, one on top of the other and can be bought as a single unit or in nests of two or three. You will be supplied with two keys for each locker.

The overall height measures at 1780mm and each locker compartment is 812mm and is ideal for storing bags, towels, shoes or other accessories. Each door is fitted with vents which aids airflow and reduces odours.

The Probe two door lockers, in either the single unit or the nest options, come in various sizes and they can be combined together to create a full wall of lockers if you wish.

One of the most attractive features of the Probe locker systems is the wide range of colours available and with the launch of Probes new Autumn colours you can make your locker room modern and fresh or opt for something more traditional. You can even match your school uniform or team colours.

Each locker is treated with Activecoat, which offers 99.9% reduction of e-coli and MRSA super bug. The hard wearing antibacterial powder coating ensures the most stringent hygienic environment is maintained.

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