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Stackable Barriers Safety

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These easy to assemble barriers are ideal for cordoning off car park areas where it is not safe for the public to enter, and on the highway where works are being carried out. They weigh 14.6kg each and can easily be carried by a single worker. Fitted with a robust linking system the red and white pedestrian barriers can easily be joined in straight lines or in a box system, they simply just slot together. Warning lamps can be fitted to provide higher awareness at night or in poor light which would compliment the already Class 2 reflective strips. These barriers are Chapter 8 compliant, meet EN 12899-2 and conform to BS8442 -2006. 100% metal free and 100% recyclable.


Key Features
Reflective stackable barriers can be used on flat or uneven surfaces
Can be stored and stacked to maximum of 40 units high
Easily linked together to provide a robust barrier
Panels made from one-piece injection moulded polypropylene and recycled PVC feet
Water apertures included so barriers will not collect water within frames when stacked
Battery operation warning lights can be fitted but are not included
Class C wind resistant to 19 MPH gusts
Chapter 8 compliant, the reflective top panel meets; Class 2, EN 12899-2 and BS 8442-2006 certification
100% metal free and fully recyclable
Code E358785, Hinge Connectors not available as separate purchase must be purchased with barriers
Discounts available for bulk orders,

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