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Stainless Steel Handrails for external or internal use

£180.45  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
304 grade Stainless Steel finish (316 grade recommended for marine / coastal applications)
Alternative Cap & Bracket colours available along with ground sockets to enable concrete in posts to be removable
Stainless steel handrails are made to order please allow 3-4 weeks
* Dimensions above ground on posts O / A 330mm longer

** Dimensions are post centre to post centre


Attractive railings, suitable for external or internal applications, especially food processing and clean areas.

These attractive stainless steel handrails are designed to be used either inside or outside building as either guard rails or guides for pedestrians. They are especially suitable for food processing areas, such as kitchens and ‘clean’ areas; for example in hospitals.

Manufactured in Germany, with a standard 304 grade stainless steel finish, the railings are strong and hardwearing. In marine and coastal areas, the 316 grade stainless steel is designed to withstand extended exposure to salt laden air.

The railings are available in a contrasting cap and bracket colour. They are sold complete with ground sockets, which enable them to be set in concrete, yet easily removed or replaced.

The lateral handrails can be purchased in three different lengths, 1.17m, 1.67m and 2.17m. The upright posts weigh 5.5kg and the lateral handrails, depending on their length, weigh between 5.5kg and 8.5kg.

These stainless steel handrails are made to order, so have a delivery lead time of between three and four weeks.

The dimensions provided are from post centre to post centre.

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