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Steering Wheel Lock

£22.20  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Hardened steel lock that is quick and easy to fit to a steering wheel
Highly visible deterrent to the vehicle thief
Vinyl coating protects steering wheel from damage
Supplied with two keys
Wheel internal diameter range: 230mm – 380mm


Car theft is, unfortunately, a common crime in modern times. No matter how sophisticated modern electronic vehicle alarms and immobilisers become, determined thieves will try to find ways of defeating them. Steering wheel lock is a visible mechanical deterrent to theft and should be an essential item of security equipment for car owners who value their vehicles.

The lock is made of hardened steel and can be fitted simply and quickly to the vehicle’s steering wheel. Being fitted to the steering wheel rather than to the clutch or brake pedal, the first glance through a side window will show that this precaution has been taken and will immediately be an effective form of deterrent to a potential car thief. Apart from being an initial visible deterrent it is almost impossible to remove it without causing substantial damage to the steering wheel, thus making it difficult to drive the car away.

Most prospective thieves will know that this mechanical device is fitted in addition to the electronic devices in the modern car and the task therefore becomes much more difficult. Thieves look for simplicity, not difficulty! The lock is supplied with two keys, and has a vinyl covering to prevent damage to the steering wheel. It is suitable for various sizes of steering wheel, ranging between 230mm and 380mm. and can be stowed beside or under a car seat for easy access.

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